Automate your Visual Marketing Content

Design Once and Generate More Edit, Scale and Manage Images and Videos Smarter & Faster

Sample Solution

Build template, Reuse, Generate

Duply is a smart automated solution for visual content creation.
Marketing teams and designers can unify on a single platform
to create image & video and generate it without opening the editor.

Create Smartly and Edit Quickly your

No more frustration between marketing and designer!

Creating Visuals does not have to be like bouncing a ball between marketers and designers;

Ways to automate your visual creation

Show your dynamic image directly with URL

Things to try in Duply?

Auto Generation

Create repetitive marketing image or video easily.

Fast & Consistent Design

Create your consistent social media and marketing design fast

Create many Images at once

Use our form to generate thousand visual at once

Dynamic URL share preview

No more boring URL share preview

Email Banner

No need to redesign every time you create an email banner

Automate Post to Instagram

Use 3rd party integration to create a custom automation workflow

Start managing your visuals in Duply

And discover how it'll save your time and make your content attractive

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