Generate with Form

What is Form & Form Share?

Form is a way to generate many visuals at once. Form Share is a way to share your form publicly.


When you click Form in a template generate button you'll see the template preview on the right side similar when you edit the template. On the left side there's a list of items.

Item (the left side)

  • The list of items on the left side can be modified, delete, clone.

  • The name of the Item should be unique because it will be used for the file name later.
    Eg: If you have 2 variants named "post" and "story", and you have 2 items named "item 1" and "item 2". The files generated will be "item 1 - post.jpg", "item 1 - story.jpg", "item 2 - post.jpg" and "item 2 - story.jpg"

  • On the item detail, the elements showed only the editable elements and it'll be shown based on the title. If the title is similar on separate variant, the value will be unified.
    Eg: If you have 2 variants and on each variant you have an element with title "text-1". Then the element "text-1" will only appear once on the item (left side) and the value will be the same for both variants when you modify it

Import From SpreadSheet

You can import the items values from csv automatically. Just click the "Import from Spreadsheet" button at the bottom of the page. Download the predefined csv format so it'll be easier to generate the csv.

The csv format should be:

- First line should contain the element's title