Template and What is it?

Template is a reusable design where you can use to generate your image or video, you can also add multiple variants that can be used to generate multiple sizes or pages


  • Container (the center part)
    The container is the area where your template design will look like

  • Left Side
    On the left side, there are elements where you can put into the container for your design
    There are elements, text, photos, video.

  • Right side
    On the right side, there is an options and elements tab.
    Options tab will show you the selected element's settings such as the positions, background, border, etc
    Elements tab will show you all the elements in the template design based on the order

  • Bottom side
    On the bottom side, there are options to undo, redo, and zoom-in - zoom-out.
    Besides, you can also add variants here by clicking the dark plus rectangle

How to

  • Create New Template
    In order to create a new template, you can try by clicking "Create new template " button in the dashboard homepage, after that you can choose the initial size for your template

  • How to modify the Template?
    To modify the template you do it by clicking "Edit" on the template you want to modify in the dashboard.
    You can modify your template by adding an element where you can choose on the left side of the page. Select the element, click it or drag it into the container at the center of the page.
    After you add the element, you can also resize, rotate or modify anything you need in the container.
    To change the template title, you can do it by modifying the text in the top center when you're editing your template.

  • How can I add a new variant?
    You can add variant by clicking the + plus button with squared border at the bottom of the page