Get Started with Duply


Duply is an automated image & video creation where you can create a template that can be reused to generate your visual automatically. No need to reopen your editor over and over again, just design once and reuse it.

Here are some questions you might ask when first started Duply.


  • What is a Template?
    Template is a reusable design where you can use to generate your image or video, you can also add multiple variants that can be used to generate multiple sizes or pages

  • How to add elements to the Template?
    You can add elements to the template by dragging the element from

  • How to edit the Template?
    You can add elements to the template by dragging the element from


There are several ways on how you can generate your visuals such as API, URL, Form


  • What is a Team?
    Team is a feature for you to collaborate with your other user, manage templates & files together

  • What are the roles in the Team?
    The roles are Administrator and Member, Administrator can add/remove other users (this administrator including the owner/creator of the team). Member can access all the templates & files but cannot add / remove other user

Files & Folders

  • What is "Files & Folders"?
    Files & Folders is a feature where you can manage all the files generated by you including files that you uploaded. You can even create your own folder to manage all the files easily

Brand Kit

  • What is Brand Kit?
    Brand Kit is where you can manage your logo, colors and custom fonts and use it in your template easily.
    Instead of writing all the color, upload the logo every time you edit the template using Brand Kit, all the colors, logo, and fonts are available in your template editor.

If you face any issue or need any help let us know through or chat by clicking the blue icon on the right bottom